Welcome to the antinuclear action blog of the War Resisters League!

Hi folks!

This is the first blog post of many as the War Resisters League and our partner organizations are gearing up for a weekend of nonviolent action, dialogue and protest before and on the first day of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference at the UN Headquarters in NYC.

The NPT went into force in 1970 and stated that the signers of the treaty, which includes nations that currently have nuclear weapons and many more that do not, will take concrete steps on a path towards total international disarmament. Since the treaty was signed, disarmament remains a goal of the very, very distant future.

But the problem is that the danger is here for all of us right now and as the U.S., the global imperialist power that it is, continues to maintain its nuclear arsenal, along with Israel and the seven other nations with nuclear weapons. And as tensions in the Middle East are escalating due to U.S. and Israel-led war and occupation in West and South Asian countries, the situation is getting increasingly dangerous for the people living there.

We’ll be posting about the nonviolent direct action that we’re planning for May 3rd and about WRL’s involvement in the Disarm Now! international conference on May 1st and rally May 2nd. More to come!

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