War Resisters League is sponsoring the group Think Outside the Bomb as they start off on their national tour of the United States in New York City! The kick-off will be on April 30th at the SGI  New  York Culture Center (7 East 15th Street, 5th Floor) from 12-3pm. Then they will be joining WRL and other groups at the International  Conference for a Nuclear Free, Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World.

They will then make their way  through the country, hitting around 40 cities in total, before ending at the birthplace of the atomic bomb — Los Alamos, New Mexico — at the beginning of August.

From their website:

TOTB is a national network of youth activists and organizers for nuclear abolition who wish to create a world free of nuclear weapons and nuclear power. We seek to build community and working knowledge through our national tour, by offering critical information on the state of the US Nuclear Industrial Complex, as well as a critical look at how we engage in resistance. As we travel the country this summer, we will engage in dialogue with local activists and organizing groups. We will focus on the issue of nuclear abolition and stress its intersections with other global movements, including: movements for sustainable energy, environmental movements, labor movements, and movements that oppose the state of global capitalism, among others. We will also speak of creating a positive and affirming culture of resistance.

Through the Think Outside the Bomb National Tour, we hope to build alliances to create new infrastructures and relationships to challenge nuclear proliferation in 2010 and into the future. This year is vital for making concrete changes that will accomplish nuclear abolition in our lifetimes. Through our Regional Conferences, in Milwaukee, WI and Boise, ID, as well as an Organizational Training Convergence in New Mexico in February, a three-month national speaking tour, and a Disarmament Convergence & Action at Los Alamos in August, we will mobilize and empower hundreds of young people from communities across the country to raise their voices in the global call for nuclear abolition.

For more information, including an up-to-date tour schedule:

TOTB National Tour: http://totbtour.wordpress.com
Think Outside the Bomb Network: http://www.thinkoutsidethebomb.org

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