Antiwar People’s Movement Assembly at the US Social Forum

Rebuilding the Anti-War/Peace Movement to End Wars and Occupations: Redirect Tax Dollars to Meet Human Needs

June 24th, USSF Detroit, Cobo Hall: D3-28, 1-5pm

This four-hour People’s Movement Assembly will consist of two sessions, each including noted national and international speakers. The first session will address the current state of the wars and occupations and the enormous diversion of money from addressing domestic needs into funding the military. The second session will focus on what we need to do nationally and locally to build the power and influence of the antiwar movement. Both panels will allot plenty of time for questions and discussion. The goal of the Assembly is bring all the antiwar forces together and develop future unified actions to end US wars and occupations.

Speakers include:

Gilbert Achcar, Medea Benjamin, Elaine Brower, Marilyn Levin, Michael McPherson, Antonia Juhasz, a representative of ANSWER, Ahmed Shawki, Pete Shell, Colonel Ann Wright, Michael Zweig.

Sponsoring Organizations:

National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupations, US Labor Against the War (USLAW), Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, International Socialist Organization (ISO), Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), World Can’t Wait, ANSWER Coalition, the War Resisters League, Pittsburgh Thomas Merton Center, Peace and Freedom Party of California, Washington Peace Center, National Priorities Project, Columbus Campaign for Arms Control, Movement for a Democratic Society.

For more information:

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