Join the Online Demonstration for Peace in Korea -Wed 12/1

President Obama is sending the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington (carrying 75 warplanes and a crew of over 6000) and other warships for additional war-games with the South Korean military
beginning Sunday, November 28.

This only escalates the already tense situation on the Korean peninsula and brings us dangerously closer to an all-out war.

And the blogosphere is already full of hate-mongering rhetoric calling
for “retaliation” after the tragic incident on Yeonpyong Island earlier this week.

Two civilians and two South Korean soldiers have died.  We say NO MORE LOST LIVES.

We need all those who stand for peace to call for de-escalation on the Korean peninsula and an immediate end to the U.S.-South Korean war games.

Join the National Campaign to End the Korean War ( in a coordinated “online demonstration”

1. Barrage the White House and State Department with emails and urge
President Obama and State Secretary Clinton to immediately stop the
joint U.S.-South Korean war maneuvers, and sign a Peace Treaty to end
the state of war that has existed for sixty years on the Korean

2. Post replies on online media sites and blogs where they are
discussing the issue and beat back the war-mongering rhetoric with
calls for de-escalation and a peaceful resolution.  Refer to the
attached factsheet for talking points.  Some suggested sites are-

3.  Post links to articles calling for diplomacy on listserves, blogs, facebook-

•       “North Korea’s Consistent Message to the U.S.”
By former President Jimmy Carter in the Washington Post, November 24, 2010

•       “Retaliation, Retaliation”
by Paul Liem of the Korea Policy Institute, Nov 25, 2010

•       “Crisis in Korea?”
by John Feffer, Co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus in the
Huffington Post, Nov 23,2010

•       Tim Shorrock
Posted on the Daily Beast.

•       Tim Shorrock
on Democracy Now

•       “A Return Trip to North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Complex”
By Siegfried S. Hecker

•       “Review U.S. Policy toward North Korea”
Bob Carlin and John Lewis

2 responses to “Join the Online Demonstration for Peace in Korea -Wed 12/1

  1. I am a veteran of the peace movement. I was on fasts, arrested,,,,,etc etc. etc…..I left the peace movement because of its one sideness. you know about my lai as you should.,…..but do you know what the VC did at Dak Son 1967.,……how about the atrocities committed by the Hanoi government now. Of course not. Why cannot the peace movement denounce other countries besides USA and Israel…….why not protest against North Korea, Syria , Iran TOO. Peace movement same folks who bought you Vietnamese boat people now want to bring us Afghan refugees and Israeli boat people ….. Why not a Gandhian non violent army marching into Iran to do civil disobedience…..Gandhi said the non violent warrior should be as brave as a soldier. Maybe the reason you do not protest other countries is you are not as brave as a non violent warrior should be?

  2. I’m sorry, I’m all for peace, but for example, let’s go to the situation in the Middle East. For sixty years, Israel has been at war without stop. They have given up more land and made more compromises than success and still the Arabs kill innocent Israelis. So I’m sorry, but there can be no peace.
    What you people are saying is a disbandment of arms. So who is going to protect you? Who is going to protect Israel? Because Arabs and Palestinians, whichever you want, will NEVER stop. EVER. So, even though I think peace is great, the Arabs do not understand peace.

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