Mubarak Ousted! Two Down, Twenty To Go . . .

“The people have brought down the regime!” was a cry heard around the world when on Friday, February 11th, 18 days of unrelenting non-violent protest finally forced the end of Hosni Mubarak’s 30 year, US backed rule over Egypt.

Ecstatic jubilation filled Cairo’s Midan al-Tahrir (Liberation Square), which had become one of the central sites of massive, nearly 24 hour demonstrations. Demonstrator after demonstrator called their feelings as “indescribable” after Vice President Omar Suleiman read the thirty second statement of Mubarak’s resignation and transfer of power to the Egyptian military.

In addition to its non-violent quality, the “January 25th Revolution” (as it is commonly called by Egyptians after the day when the popular uprising began) was remarkable in its leaderless character. Originally sparked by various sectors of working people and politically engaged youth, the uprising eventually encompassed an incredible diversity of classes and backgrounds of Egyptian society. While in its final days it included coordinated strikes all over the country and began further refining its always very clear call for an end to the regime, not just Mubarak’s rule, there was never one voice, opposition group, or ideology which could claim to represent the demonstrators.

Though key elements of the notoriously brutal regime are now gone, its violence is still deeply felt, as over the nearly two and a half weeks of protests an estimated 300 demonstrators were killed and over 2,000 were injured. There are also very real questions about how the people will continue to push for their social and political demands with a US policy that is very wary of Middle Eastern self-determination, and a military whose business ties deeply implicated it to Mubarak’s regime.

At this moment though, after both Tunisia and Egypt’s dictators have been pushed out, people all over the region, and indeed the world, are feeling a new hope, as perhaps the deepest obstacle has been removed. As one Egyptian living in Astoria, Queens said on the night of the 11th, “Let them bring what ever monster they want after Mubarak, it’s OK. We’ll take them on. We are not afraid anymore.”

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  2. Although the transition in Egypt is not (yet) to democracy but to martial law, an important factor in making and enabling change Egypt as well as in Tunisia, Libya, etc. has been the resistance by soldiers to carrying out immoral orders.

    It will be interesting, as more information becomes available, to look at how this happened.

    Did military resistance come from officers declining to order their “subordinates” into the streets, or to fire on protesters? Or from the rank-and-file refusing such orders, or appealing to their commanders not to issue them?

    What kinds of discussions went on within military units about whether to attack protesters, or how far to go?

    What sorts of propaganda were carried out within the military and from demonstrators to soldiers?

    At what points did soldiers opt out, and what let them to draw those particular lines? Some passively refused orders to march, to fire, to shoot to kill, or to torture. Some deserted, such as Libyan Air force pilots who removed both themselves and their aircraft from the field of battle by flying to Malta. Some took off their uniforms and/or laid down their weapons. Others mutinied and turned the guns around. How were those choices made, either individually or in groups?

    And of course there is the question of why and how people and mainstream media in the U.S. can celebrate soldiers in other countries who refuse to commit crimes against humanity, refuse to fight, refuse to kill, desert the military, or even mutiny against the “recognized” governmental authorities — but fail to support those who similarly resist U.S. war crimes being committed under “our” flag.

  3. Islamism and the
    Anglo-American-Israeli Jihad!
    Friday, February 11, 2011
    By Rev. Richard Skaff

    Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines “Jihad” as a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty; also as a personal struggle in devotion to Islam especially involving spiritual discipline
    The second definition states that Jihad is a crusade for a principle or belief. [1].
    Adolf Hitler in his book “Mein Kampf ” “My Struggle” or “my Jihad” sets forth his crusade for his principles that he went later on to achieve them.
    So what is the Anglo-American-Israeli Axis Jihad about?
    Is it an endeavor against people who dislike freedom? Is it a struggle to reduce an exploding population? Or Is it strife to keep nations of the world impoverished and divided in order to dominate it and to exploit it, as well as to expand the Anglo-American-Israeli Axis sphere of influence and supremacy?
    Unfortunately, empires cannot be maintained by peaceful means.
    Throughout history wars and revolutions have been a tool of the political elite to shape the world and remold it over and over again. Wars and rebellion are not a natural occurrence for change, but an artificial means financed by the few to make it succeed. In reality, money has always been the progenitor of wars and revolutions, while history is a cruel farce written by the winners who glorify conquest and render butchers into idols and heroes!
    In contrast to what many talking heads in the corporate media proclaim, “Freedom is actually free”! We’re all born free until the shackles of society, culture, religion, political socialization, and leaders rob us from our dignity and liberty. Therefore, the political socialization process inducted by every state is designed to undermine the moral and psychic growth of every individual.
    In such a state war becomes a political necessity to legitimize the elite’s power and the powers of the government they support, in order to create a pseudo-sense of nationhood. War becomes a political, economical, and social stabilizer, as well as a necessary tool for population reduction. Controlled and contrived low intensity conflicts become imperative in every new world order. These conflicts would create strategic hot spots and instability, which in turn lead to new geopolitical realities that behoove the interest of the corporate world run by the global elite. New monsters must be regularly created and slayed by the freedom fighters to perpetuate more conflict. These freedom fighters and/or mercenaries can eventually be turned into fictitious enemies that will terrify the public to fabricate consent (e.g. El Qaeda). [4].
    Organized religion as a tool of governments’ power expansion
    Organized religion was initially designed by men to control and tame the human animal through fear, and eventually evolved into an organized bureaucracy with a beguiling political mechanism that manipulates and advances the leaders’ political agendas. Organized religion became a projection of man and a representation of his evil. [4].
    Millions have been slaughtered in the name of God! Per example, Christians have surpassed everyone else in their cruelty. Under the guise of Christian love and moral superiority, they have been responsible for the largest mass murders in history, whether it was world wars, covert operations, low intensity conflicts, support of brutal dictators, or crusades.
    Ironically, brutal dictators, religious leaders, and Machiavellian politicians have always had God on their side regardless of the atrocities they commit or the genocides they facilitate. Religion has been a terrific cover for politicians to use, in order to divide the public and humanity as a whole, as well as to advance their global and political ambitions. In the political world religion functions like money as a tool for power, control, and contrived conflicts that will further solidify the leaders’ authority over the proles.
    Rummel in his book “Death by government ” stated that “Power kills , absolute power kills absolutely.” “The more power a government has, the more it can act arbitrarily according to the whims and desires of the elite, and the more it will make war on others and murder its foreign and domestic subjects. The more constrained the power of governments, the more power is diffused, checked, and balanced, the less it will aggress on others and commit Democide (government mass murder).” [3].
    The Religion Factor and the Re-mapping of the Middle East!
    Nowadays in the west the word Mohamed equals terrorist, and the followers of this prophet are equated with backward parasites that are increasing in numbers. Just as Hitler portrayed the Jews as vermin to justify their eradication, because superior races do not negotiate with vermin but instead they exterminate them, the west is currently attempting to follow his foot steps with the Muslims except for a minor obstacle, and that is, Muslims constitute almost a third of the world population. Genocides are generally easier to commit once the majority of the public accept the corporate media and the leaders’ propaganda that certain population is evil and subhuman, then, the government can go on to act on the public and God’s behalf to do the Lord’s work by annihilating the vermin population from the world. Ironically, no one ever wonders what type of God would condone the killing of millions!
    The rise of fundamentalism in the last forty years was not accident, but a well-financed and designed synthetic virus to be used as a catalyst to divide the world, weaken nations, and speed up the globalization process. Religious fundamentalism is an intrinsic agent of globalization. [4].
    In 2007 a CRG article titled “the Financing of Fundamentalism and the Antichrist” discussed the defense department and the intelligence agencies that have been financing Christian fundamentalism in America, as well as Islamic fundamentalism abroad for decades (e.g. Safari club, and other covert alliances) in order to eventually create a clash of civilizations that will result in a perpetual conflict between the Jesus camp and the Mohamed camp. [5]. Racism next to religion is the most potent tool to engender brutal disorder and violence. By creating an illusion of supremacy of one population over another and selling it to the insignificant masses to rally support, racism becomes the driving force behind mass murders. The gullible public feeling better about themselves as a new superior beings buy into the propaganda without realizing that the human family have actually emerged from the same pool of human mutt that have copulated with each other for thousands years. This process is also financed and promoted by the political elite, in order to create deeper hatred and stronger justification for genocides.
    Religious fundamentalism is a giant movement that stresses a strict attitude, a literal adherence to a set of basic principles, and a literal interpretation of religious books. [1]. Therefore, the creation of two extremists programs like the Jesus versus Mohamed have been a great success for the global establishment as we have witnessed in the past few years. Fundamentalism engenders fear, which in turn manufactures consent among the ignoramus. The virus of extremism was injected in many countries to cause them illness and self-destruction, as well as to control their leaders, dismantle their societies, and exploit their resources. [4].

    Labeviere, in his book “Dollars for Terror ” quoted Jacques Duquesne a French author and journalist who stated that it is hard to interpret the various official entities’ pronouncements on Islamism as a reflection of effective and operative political decisions. “What is striking is the Anglo-Saxon (English) west’s obstinacy in continually making the same errors” ; “that is, they keep encouraging Muslim fundamentalism to the detriment of the Islamic countries that accept, or are trying to establish, a certain secularity. The person is simple: It is because that form of Islam, while it is not fundamentalist, is nationalist and progressivist.” This duplicity is explained by a principle, which is also very simple: Islamism is based not on religion, but money. The Islamist ideology mainly seeks to accumulate capital and power. Its totalitarian search for a reinvented identity fits in with American projections particularly well since it coincides with the expansion of fundamentalism within the U.S., which has been perceptible for four decades. Labeviere also quoted in his book Denis Lacorne a political researcher and a teacher at the Institute for political studies in Paris who explained that this shift was facilitated by the extreme politicization of the televangelist sermon and the increasingly pronounced refusal to separate the spheres of the political and the religious. The very concept of the moral majority,’ popularized by the late Jerry Falwell at the end of the 1970’s, heralded the collapse of the old ‘wall of separation’ between the church and the State that was instituted by the founders of the American Republic.” This “revenge of God,” to quote Gilles Kepel (French analyst and scholar on the Islamic World), postulates a fundamentalism that is no longer based on the individual who is seen as the basis of a citizenship to come, but on the collective, religious and identifying obligations of the various ethnic communities taken in their specificity. What is called American “culturalism” or “communitarianiasm” is now being used as a model for certain Muslim communities of Europe, especially those are linked to “associations” that come under the leadership of the Muslim Brothers. [2].
    Labeviere also elucidates the Saudi and American sponsorship of Islamism that reached its limit with the Nairobi and Dar es Salaam attacks, the more so as the FBI investigation progresses. Everyday, the implication of the pentagon and the CIA in the Bin laden networks becomes clearer. The International Herald Tribune of October 31, 2000 revealed that a former Green Beret was directly involved in the billionaire’s clandestine organization. Egyptian by origin, Ali Mohamed, 46 years old, served for three years (1986 to1989) in the Special Forces based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where it was affected with the training of the American Commandos committed to the Middle East. During the same period, he took part in the military training of Islamist militants in several camps in New York area. Even though the FBI refused to make any official comment, its investigators are now working to verify the various links between an Islamist community in Brooklyn and the CIA instructors.
    “Bin-Ladengate” will continue to unfold, and there is no escape. If it blows up one day, this scandal will reveal exactly how the various American intelligence agencies were involved in the process that led to the Nairobi and Dar es Salaam bombings and others. [2]. Ironically, on an official visit to Paris on May 18-20, 1998, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak declared the following in the Paris-Match: “You should be aware that, under the current conditions for international terrorism, the attack that took place at Luxor (referring to the November 17, 1997 Luxor attack in Upper Egypt) could happen anywhere in the world. And we already know who fomented it: The residues of the war between the Afghans and the USSR, the alleged Mujaheddin that are financed by the CIA and the inexhaustible source of drug money.” It is the first time that the leader so specifically pointed a finger at the America “Big Brother,” who gives more than $2 billion in direct assistance to Egypt every year. [2].
    Interestingly, Labeviere categorizes Islamism and Zionism as two complementary enemies, with two different sides of the same process that obstructs the search for a fair peace in the Middle-East and the beginnings of an equitable resolution of the Palestinian question. More specifically, Islamism has strongly contributed to the “digestion” of the Palestinian question-the eminently political question of the right to existence of a people that is, today, the victim of an aggressive policy of colonization and of ethnic cleaning. By transporting the question of the Palestinians’ right to existence onto the religious ground, Islamism has only consolidated the theocratic bases of the Hebrew state (which has not given up its plan of “greater Israel” that would squeeze back the last Palestinians toward Jordan.
    Thus, with the assistance of the radical Islamists, Zionism is on the path to success in fulfilling its great geopolitical intention: The destruction of the Arab world, in the sense of an “Arab space” that is organized around the existence and the cooperation of the Arab nation states.
    The “real God” hidden behind the “illusory God” of Islamist ideology is none other than finance and business. The central nerve of Islamism is not Islam, but money. The money and the businesses of Islamism are rooted these days in the impenetrable global economic networks. [2].
    The end of the cold war and the post-war period of the gulf did not give way to heralded “new international order.” The American will for exclusive control of questions of defense, energy and the Israeli Palestinian conflict went nowhere. Respect for international law and human rights did not progress, terrorism did not disappear and the world was rocked by most insane commercial competition that it had ever seen. In this context of economic war where all’s fair, the United States devotes most of its foreign policy to the conquest of new markets. Priority is given to commercial and financial investments over any other consideration; and this is a central tenet in the policy that uses radical Islamists as a subcontractor for the American influence in the Mediterranean, Central Asia and in the Far East. This approach, which worked wonders in Afghanistan during the ‘holy war’ against the communists, was invented in the 1930s in Saudi Arabia.
    The pact sealed on board of the “Quincy” (Quincy was a 60 year-old pact 1945-2005, that granted the U.S. a monopoly on the exploitation of all the oil-bearing layered discovered in Saudi Arabia, and in return a protection of the kingdom’s integrity and a long term economic, financial, and commercial partnership, non-interference in Saudi domestic politics) between president Roosevelt and King Ibn Saud was already an exchange of oil for security and political protection. From that point forward, the Americans and Saudis would play Islamism and all other forms of religious fanaticism against secular and progressivist forms of Arab nationalism. Still today, the Islamists are working, consciously or not, toward the establishment of a pax Americana that feeds on a “Lebanization” of the world. [2].
    This order has produced a mafia-like links between organized crime and the great business networks of global capitalism, where the unifying thread of Islamic terror is not religion but money.
    Complementary enemies, Islamists and Zionists work to ward the same ends. With Hamas upping the ante, the Likud is all the freer to pursue its broad scale policy of establishing colonies using immigrants from The Soviet Union, and completing the encirclement and Judeification of Eastern Jerusalem. [2].
    Oded Yinon, a former official in the Israeli ministry of Foreign affairs concluded in his memo in February 1982 that Israel long term priority is thus to encourage all the factors of disintegration in the Arab States, with dismantlment leading to creation of ethnically or religiously homogeneous provinces.
    Sure enough, the plans of the past are continuing to unravel in the present, and are beginning to look like a genuine Nostradamus prediction. The recent unfolding events embodied in major unrest in Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Egypt culminates Oded Yinon’s vision to divide the Arab states into bickering homogeneous entities dominated by the Israeli state. In addition, the 1,600 documents named “the Palestine Papers” that consist of a cache of secret diplomatic cables covering the period 1999 to 2010 that were sent to Al Jazeera and the Guardian newspaper of London by unknown hands (possibly intelligence agencies like Mossad, MI6 and CIA), fueled the turmoil further. These papers allegedly exposed old and ignored well-known facts of the give-and-take in negotiations in recent years between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority where the Palestinians seemed to be giving more than taking. Robert Fisk, Middle East correspondent for the British paper the Independent stated that the Palestine Papers are as damning as the Balfour Declaration. The Palestinian “Authority” – one has to put this word in quotation marks – was prepared, and is prepared to give up the “right of return” of perhaps seven million refugees to what is now Israel for a “state” that may be only 10 per cent (at most) of British mandate Palestine. [6].
    As these “Palestine Papers” were conveniently revealed, the suppressed Egyptian people suddenly awakened from their deep slumber and are calling for the downfall of the long time American stooge President Mubarak. Meanwhile, the Lebanese are appointing a prime minister who is a billionaire and a Harvard graduate [7] who was groomed by the US for an eventual Hezbollah take over, which will lead to more conflict in the region that will definitely involve Iran due to their alleged financial and political sponsorship of Hezbollah.
    How long can a corrupt government keep a lid closed on a boiling pot filled with illiteracy and poverty like in Egypt? Has Mubarak outlived his usefulness to the Anglo-American-Israeli Axis? Is it possible that the US will facilitate an ugly end to the Mubarak dynasty? Or maybe he will be allowed to live with his family in New York with a large Swiss bank account, and be turned into a political lecturer or an author like Musharraf of Pakistan with a book deal published by a government sponsored publishing House like Simon and Schuster.
    Is every country that was infected with the fundamentalist virus will eventually self-destruct and be re-mapped by the global establishment to fit the map of the new world order?
    Where would the next revolution be? Are Syria, Lybia, the Emirates, and Saudi Arabia next? Are Arab countries in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean going to be engulfed in civil wars that will eventually divide them further and create new boundaries protected by the United Nations? Why are the Arab people suddenly rebelling against their governments, and who is financially fueling these movements?
    Finally, is it feasible that the US is letting go of their stooge in Egypt just as they did with the shah of Iran, in order to create a large extremist Sunni state run by the Muslim brotherhood, which will eventually lead to a confrontation with the other extremist Shiites state of Iran? Will the US as usual finance both sides of a war that will eradicate both camps? Why did the masses of the Middle East suddenly rebel? Did they have an epiphany? Or as usual, mysterious hands have covertly financed more revolutions to serve a specific end that will destroy personal and national sovereignty in the world? Could it be that these scheming hands belong to the Anglo-American-Israeli Axis that will continue their long term Jihad, in order to maintain their world supremacy and dominion?
    1. Merriam Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary
    2. Richard Labeviere, (2000). Dollars for terror. Us and Islamism. Algora publishing, New York
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    6. Fisk, R. (01-27-11). The Independent. “A New Truth Dawns on the Arab World.”
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