The Broken Rifle in Kabul

The above photograph, of Scott Schaeffer-Duffy from the Catholic Worker in Worcester, Massachusetts standing beside street art made by local Afghan youth, was taken in Kabul by WRL National Committee and Organizing Task Force member Jim Haber when he was on a recent delegation with Voices for Creative Nonviolence there in mid-March. While in Afghanistan, Jim met with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, an exciting organization of Afghan youth who are dedicated to nonviolently challenging the many oppressive forces that surround Afghans . You can read some of his thoughts on his trip at the Nevada Desert Experience website (with more to come.)

2 responses to “The Broken Rifle in Kabul

  1. Actually, I didn’t take that picture of Scott and the graffito.
    I took this image of it: . Note that it is signed by the artist, one of a few young people evidently doing them all over the city. There are also pics of a couple of other similar graffiti nearby in the flickr set.

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