Money for Our Communities, Not for War!

Take Action!

It’s very encouraging that the US Conference of Mayors just passed a strong resolution initiated by CODEPINK for bringing our “war dollars home” (read press release or NY Times article on this).
Unfortunately, later this week the House of Representatives is poised to pass the Defense Appropriations Bill giving $530 billion to the Department of Defense and alotting $119 billion to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the fiscal year 2012.
If you want to re-direct your tax-dollars to constructive programs that meet human needs in your community, city and state, and you want to end these senseless wars, please join us in spreading the word and taking action.

To help make sure that your representatives vote NO on this bill you can do two things:

1.) Send a message to your representative. Take action now!

2.) Make a phone call to your representative!
Congressional switchboard 877-762-8762 or 202-224-3121

You can use this simple script:
I want my Representative to vote against the 2012 Defense Appropriations Bill.
We need the money here at home. It’s time to end these wars and bring the war dollars home to fund our communities.

Please forward this action alert to your friends and family and post it on Facebook. Let’s keep the pressure on!

To join WRL’s efforts to change US spending priorities, contact Organizing Coordinator Kimber Heinz at or call 212-228-0450 x 12. 

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