Wisconsin Updates!

Since Joy First’s article on the occupation of the Wisconsin capitol in the spring issue of WIN magazine, organizers have continued to coordinate actions and protests, keeping the public focused on this issue.

Here are some updates:

  • Around the grounds of the capitol on June 4, protesters set up Walkerville to pay witness to the legislature’s budget negotiations.  Each day highlighted a different group affected by the budget cuts. Walkerville has inspired other similar actions around the country, such as Bloombergville in New York.
  • On June 6 protesters shut down M&I Bank, a supporter of Walker’s campaign after accepting federal bailouts. The Firefighters Local 311 initiated the action and many other union activists joined in solidarity.
  • University of Wisconsin students staged a zombie die-in at the Capitol to protest the “death” of higher education on June 8. 
  • Protests on June 14 in reaction to an “extraordinary session” drew 5,000 protesters in and around the capitol. Check out the “sights and sounds” from the demonstration.
  • The recall elections are happening throughout the state. Hear more about the recalls in this report by Ann-Elise Henzl on Milwaukee Public Radio.
  • July 16 marked the kick off of the Wisconsin Truth Tour.  The bus tour is currently stopping in eight cities across Wisconsin speaking out against the impacts of the budget cuts.

For more information about the ongoing grassroots organizing in Wisconsin check out the following:

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