Get Involved

Get involved now! Help us organize demonstrations and direct actions, oppose military recruitment and war profiteers, and support military resisters.

What YOU Can Do:

1. Join a WRL Local- If there is no local near you, start your own- all you need is a commitment to WRL’s antimilitarist philosophy and goals and at least four friends who share that commitment.

2. Affiliate with WRL– If your group  agrees with the antimilitarist philosophy and goals of WRL but isn’t able to become  a WRL Local, you are invited to become a WRL Affiliate.

3. Become a Contact– Serve as a contact person and resource for WRL members and activists in your area

4. Join a Task Force– Our Task Forces include G.I. Resistance, Counter-Recruitment, Anti-Racism, Feminism and Nonviolence, the War Resisters International Task Force, War Tax Resistance, and more!

Contact Us for info on how to get involved in any of these projects. We can’t end militarism without you!

One response to “Get Involved

  1. Darren L. Miller

    What about GI Rights counseling?

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