Iraq Now: Reports

A survey of key moments in the past several years of Iraqi survival, resilience and movement-building. For updates follow @sinanantoon on twitter.


On Recent Events in Mosul and Other Cities in Iraq – 6/15/2014

The Iraq That Is Not There: An Interview with Ahmed Habib – 11/05/2013

Rise Up: Iraq – 3/14/2013

Tipping Towards Iraq’s Squares: An Interview with Falah Alwan – 1/22/2013

The Unfinished Story of Iraq’s Oil Law: An Interview with Greg Muttitt – 7/24/2012

On the Ground in Basra: An Interview with Hashmeya Muhsin al-Saadawi – 5/2/2012

Iraq: The Forgotten Uprising Lives On – 3/5/2012

“The Friday of Occupation’s Defeat”: Celebration, Vigilance, and a New Front – 12/9/2011

Message of Solidarity to Occupy Wall Street from the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq – 11/3/2011

OWFI Report: Hawija in Crisis and the Legacy of US Bases – 10/5/2011

Hadi al-Mahdi: Yearnings of an Assassinated Artist – 9/20/2011

“Stands Against Its Oppressor”: Iraqi-Syrian Solidarity – 9/16/2011

Exoneration, Electricity, and the Movement on TV – 7/22/2011

Thurgham al-Zaidi Freed – 7/3/2011

Iraqi Feminists Sexually Assaulted During Pro-Democracy Protests – 6/13/2011

Iraq Protest Movement Reaches Turning Point: After Maliki’s 100 Days – 6/11/2011

“We Weren’t Really Waiting”: A Fuse 100 Days Long – 6/7/2011

Mosul Sit-in Grows Massive Amidst Violent Crackdowns – 5/19/2011

“We will protest until the occupiers leave.” – An Interview with Uday al-Zaidi – 5/15/2011

Iraqis Continue Protests as Tactics Evolve in Mosul – 4/22/2011

Occupying the Bases: April 9th and Iraq’s ‘Day of Salvation’ – 3/29/2011

Defying Iraq’s Police State – 3/22/2011

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